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By Bill and Lori Jollymore's In Summer
Immediately after ice off, start with Chironomids, they are the first to move to the surface. Black, brown, maroon and green are all good colours in sizes #8 to #16. Leech patterns are also good, brown and black bunny Leech work well as does the Jack Shaw Blood Leech. As Spring turns to Summer, Mayflies and Sedges (Caddis) come on. Then the Pheasant Tail Nymph, Prince Nymph and small Halfbacks work on the Mayfly Nymph side. For Sedges, the Tom Thumb, Nations Green Body Sedge, Grey Body Sedge and the Mikulak Sedge are best. Early Fall to November, Damsel Fly and Dragonfly Nymph patterns are good. Halfbacks, Carey Specials and Damsel Nymph patterns work well. Back Swimmers and Water Boatman along with Shrimp work well all season with Shrimp being the choice of Trout. Wolly Buggers and Wolly Worms in black, brown and maroon are also good all season choices. A successful fly fisherman should carry floating, full sinking and sink tip lines to cover all possible conditions. Fish the shallows and the drop offs. A Sedge hatch in late evening on a shoal is exciting fishing. Trolling and spin-casting are good all the time. We recommend small size Needlefish and flatfish ( gold/yellow or black with silver spots ), Yellow/gold or yellow/green "Hotshots" or simply a worm for trollers. Gold or silver Vibrax #2, Vibrax #3 and Mepps Blackfury#3 (Yellow on black) for successful spin-casters.
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