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Lac Des Roches Resort is located on a splendid, pristine lake that is perfect for the more laid back type of recreational activities. Lac Des Roches is 9 miles long and up to 150 feet deep, with shoals, sunken islands and islands with reeds . . . perfect for fishing. The fish of Lac Des Roches are Black water and Gerrard rainbow, which have been introduced by fisheries; there are native rainbow trout and burbot that may be better known as a fresh water cod. Thanks to the lakes' new spawning channels our trout are now averaging 3-pounds, with a maximum of 19-pounds. You will not find jet skis or water-skiing at this resort. Lac Des Roches is a great lake for canoeing, swimming, fishing and just plan relaxing. During the first couple of weeks of June we have a world renowned Mayfly hatch which fills the resort with fly fishermen. So if May or June are when you can get away fishing. . .book early or call to get on our waiting list. If you wish to try various lakes in the area there are over 100 of them within an hour from the resort and many different species of fish.

Summer activities include:
  • Swimming : Lac Des Roches has crystal clear water which makes it ideal for swimming. Depending on the season, the water reaches 20 degrees Celsius on the surface around the middle /end of June, and stays that warm until the first / second week of September. Due to its depth and morphology, Lac Des Roches has no leech and algae problem.
  • Hiking : Best viewed by nature hikes or walks, the South Cariboo offers some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. We can offer trails direct from our backyard and nearby the resort, for all kinds of hiking enthusiasts. And don’t forget your camera : you’ll be guaranteed to catch picks of a multitude of animals, flowers and breathtaking scenery!
  • Fishing : Click to go the fishing section.
  • Bird watching : The Interlakes area of the South Cariboo offers a wide variety of birds for those who seek them. Various habitats are scattered throughout the region. An abundance of freshwater lakes; large and deep, small and shallow, attract numerous species of nesting waterfowl throughout the summer months. The haunting calls of the Common Loons are a familiar and welcome sound to all who listen. Eagles, osprey, herons, kingfishers, and shorebirds, also raise their young on the bountiful supply of fish, shrimp, and crustaceans. The inevitable wetlands, marshes, and bogs, surrounding the fresh water provide a bountiful supply of insects, the required diet for many species from the gull and tern families, bitterns, nighthawks, swifts, jays, flycatchers and blackbirds, through to the songbirds of the varied forest habitats. Spruce, fir, pine and aspens make up the variety of woodlands complete with wild berries and alpine flowers. They attract vireos, warblers, tanagers, several members of the thrush family, wrens, and of course all the seed eaters, which include chickadees, nuthatches, creepers, grosbeaks and crossbills. Many species of ground feeders reproduce in the region too. Five different species of woodpeckers make their home here, most remaining all winter. Numerous owls and raptors occupy the surrounding forests. When the summer populations migrate to warmer climates, we are privileged to have a winter population of the hardiest species. These year-round residents endure a long, unpredictable season. Our birding group, the Bridge Lake Naturalists, sponsored by the Bridge Lake Community School, conduct the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count every year, between the middle of December and the first week of January. If you are visiting in the area during that time, we welcome you to join us. Also, we conduct field trips to various areas, during the spring and summer, we again would welcome newcomers. Call Wendy 250-593-2327 or email Wendy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Bonfires : Every cabin has its own picnic table and bonfire pit by the lake, where you can enjoy our beautiful sunsets with friends and family.
  • Canoeing/boating/peddle boating / kayaking : Lac Des Roches is well known for its quiet ( very rarely windy ) and crystal clear waters. Lac Des Roches is 13.5 kms long and it has several islands, sunken islands and beautiful shoals which will make your day on a canoe unforgettable. Bring your own floatation device or rent it at the office : we will provide you with all the equipment and safety devices.
  • Touring : Several tours are available in the area ; you can visit the Ice Caves on Bridge Lake ( 15 minutes from the resort ), The Mt. Begbie Lookout is located off the east side of Highway 97, 16 km south of 100 Mile House. A parking lot with picnic tables and rest area can be found at the trailhead. A short hike of 10-15 minutes along a steep trail takes you to the 4,187 foot summit. On a clear day you can see for 160 km from the snow-capped peaks of Wells Gray Park in the east to the Marble Range in the west. Well worth the hike. Windy Mountain and Tawheel lake mountain with a web of hiking trails which will lead you to over 100 fishing lakes, Wells Gray Park ( 45 minutes from the resort ) and many more destinations.
  • Craft Shop Touring : Discover unique treasures and meet friendly and talented artisans in the Interlakes Area as well as in 100 Mile House, where every week you can find all the best artisans of the South Cariboo.
  • Golfing : we can book tee times for you at one of the golf courses in the area: Marmot Ridge or 108 Golf Course. There is also the Chinook Cove course in Barriere and the Wells Gray Golf Course in Clearwater. All within 45 minutes to 1 hour from the resort.
  • Horseback Riding : Several nearby guest ranches offer horseback riding. Let us assist you with arrangements.
  • Guides : Fishing guides, hiking guides, horseback riding guides are available in the area. 
  • Biking : Trails ranging in degree of difficulty from easy to moderate, are nearby. Allow us to indicate you the spots.
  • River Rafting Enjoy the thrill of river rafting in Clearwater, approximately 45 minutes away. We would be pleased to assist you with arrangements and directions.
  • Other Sports & Recreation Activities Bocce, Soccer , Sand/Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Horseshoes . Ask about equipment use at the office.
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